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There is disclosed a heart rate indicator having electrodes for coupling to the electrical impulses corresponding to each beat of the heart of a living subject, which electrodes are connected to an electronic circuit for producing a burst of alternating electronic signal in response to each electrical impulse produced at each heart beat. The electronic circuit in turn is connected to a detector circuit for detecting the peak amplitude of each burst of alternating signal and to produce an electrical pulse related in time thereto, the detector circuit in turn being connected to a microcomputer which measures the time between pulses and selectively converts the measured times into a number representing heart beat rate, the microcomputer being in turn connected to a display for displaying the number representing heart beat rate.

Method for measuring heart beat rate and circuit means for same
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April 6, 1979
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February 3, 1981
Curtis W Morgan
P.O. Box 243, Sunset Beach, 90742
Richard D Charnitski
25601 Adriana St., Mission Viejo, 92691
Raymond L Madsen
A61B 5/04
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