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A surgical cutting instrument, particularly useful for ophthalmic surgery, includes an elongate probe formed of an outer tubular member having an aperture in the distal end thereof and an inner cutting member having a peripheral cutting edge at the distal end thereof and an elongate body with an opening running therealong and carrying a piston disposed in a chamber of a hub through which the inner cutting member extends and which communicates with a source of suction, a drive unit for reciprocating the inner cutting member relative to the outer member, the opening along the inner cutting member forming an increased cross sectional flow area for cut substances being withdrawn by suction and the relative reciprocation of the inner and outer members coupled with increasing and decreasing pressure from the piston agitating the cut substances to prevent clogging of the probe. A finger-operated valve is formed of an elastic tubing stretched over the closed end of a rigid tube communicating with the chamber of the hub, the rigid tube having an opening in a side wall adjacent the closed end, which opening is normally sealed by the elastic tubing and can be opened by applying a force to the tubing at a position opposite the opening.

Surgical cutting instrument
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March 10, 1978
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January 27, 1981
Miguel Martinez
6006 Hunt Ridge Rd., Baltimore, 21210
Robert H Epstein
A61B 17/32
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