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The disclosure teaches improvements in vertical axis wind turbine apparatus. The improved apparatus has a vertically rising exoskeletal frame which permits modular addition of supplemental turbine components to the apparatus. The apparatus is self-supporting, needing no bracing external of the frame, is relatively small and light weight, has vertical standards in the frame, a plurality of sets of horizontal stretchers integrating the standards and means for bracing the frame elements. The specification teaches the support of the axially disposed drive shaft and associated turbines by means of upwardly and radially inwardly extending arms which distribute the weight of the operating structure to the exoskeletal frame. Non-bearing guide means are provided to prevent lateral movement of the shaft and associated turbines. The apparatus may be provided in kit form which can be readily assembled or disassembled according to need.

The guide bearings permit the drive shaft to move vertically to accommodate longitudinal expansions of the frame.

The turbine is self governing and requires no separate speed governing apparatus, and grossly equalizes pressures on the tower on the windward and leeward sides.

Vertical axis wind turbine
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November 22, 1978
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January 20, 1981
Marion H Ewers
P.O. Box 526, La Veta, 81055
F03D 11/04
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