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A chip-testing method, which allows Large-Scale-Integrated circuit (LSI) logic chips to be tested on wafer without necessitating expensive equipment involving high-precision step-and-repeat mechanisms, and which further allows chips to be tested individually in the connected-on-module environment. The circuit configuration and method are applicable to the testing of LSI-logic chips which may comprise various circuit structures including latches and combinatorial networks in many combinations and which may be fabricated in any circuit technology.

The basic idea is to configure the chips and wafers in such a way that the LSSD provisions already incorporated in the chips can be utilized also for the on-wafer and on-module testing. The arrangements, which can be made with a "cut-away", or "deactivate" or an "extend-usage" approach, include five major extensions in the chip-image design. These are: the incorporation of gating of serial test-data output from the chips, the provision if necessary of supplementary latches on chips, the incorporation of gating of parallel inputs to the chip core, the incorporation of in-chip and/or interchip connections, which can be done in a "self-sufficient" or a "neighbor-assisted" arrangement, and the utilization of chip-layout design for step-and-repeat juxtaposition. In addition to these in-chip extensions, the method requires proper wafer organization and an arrangement of connecting the chip-image array to probe-contact pads on the wafer.

Chip and wafer configuration and testing method for large-scale-integrated circuits
Application Number
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December 29, 1978
Publication Date
January 6, 1981
Frank F Tsui
Briarcliff Manor
Roy R Schlemmer Jr
International Business Machines Corporation
G06F 11/00
G01R 31/28
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