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A process for purifying liquids comprises the steps of feeding the liquid to be purified into a sealed chamber and to guide the liquid in such a relation to a stream of air which is guided to circulate in a cycle in said chamber and is heated during part of its cycle, that the liquid will come into contact with the stream of air in a location where said stream of air has a raised temperature, bringing the damped air thus generated to condensate and discharging the resulting condensate from said chamber such as through a first line whereas the rest of the liquid is discharged separately through a second line.

The invention also refers to a plant or device, designed to carry out the process.

Process for purifying liquids and a device for carrying out the process
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
February 15, 1979
Publication Date
January 6, 1981
Sven Erik L Ransmark
7 Askholmsgatan, 213 63 Malmo
William A Drucker
C02F 1/12
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