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A method of manufacturing a perforate material from wire mesh for honeycomb noise attenuation and the resulting material therefrom comprising the steps of selecting a sheet of wire mesh, constructed from a material that can be readily diffusion bonded; cleaning the selected wire mesh to remove all grease therefrom, suspending the sheet of selected wire mesh within a furnace, evacuating the oven to about 10..sup.5 torr, elevating and maintaining the furnace temperature to facilitate diffusion bonding of the contacting cross-over areas of the strands of the wire mesh; reducing the furnace temperature, removing the sheet of diffused wire mesh from the oven when its temperature is below its oxidation level. The furnace may additionally be charged with an inert gas to decrease the cooling time. In some instances a heat dispersing member is inserted between the sheet of wire mesh and the source of the elevating temperature. The mesh is selected with hole sizes equal or slightly less in cross-section than the desired diffused size. Where the hole cross-section size is slightly less than ultimately required the hole size is enlarged by conventional chem-milling of the diffused wire mesh.

Method of foaming perforate sheet material from wire mesh
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April 16, 1979
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December 30, 1980
Frank J Riel
San Diego
Frank D Gilliam
Patrick J Schlesinger
C23F 1/00
C03C 25/06
C03C 15/00
B44C 1/22
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