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A security wallet be attached to the waistband of a person's garment for disposition between the person's body and the garment is securely but detachably mounted to the waistband by a locking device comprising an inverted U-shaped clip, at least one latch member on said clip interiorly thereof having a serrated edge thereon, and means comprising a rotary shaft for moving each said latch member from a first open position adjacent one wall of said clip to a second closed position wherein said serrated edge thereof is adjacent the other wall of said clip. The latch member or members in open position permit easy attachment of the clip to and easy detachment of the clip from a waistband, and in closed position confine waistband material between each latch member and said other wall of said clip so that attempted removal of said clip from the waistband results in the serrations on each latch member digging into the waistband material and preventing removal of said clip and wallet from the waistband. The rotary shaft for moving the latch member or members preferably has limited access means for rotating the same from closed to open position so that the clip can be opened and the wallet removed from the waistband only by authorized persons. While particularly devised for mounting security wallets, the locking clip has other comparable uses as well.

Locking clips for security wallets and the like
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February 1, 1979
Publication Date
December 9, 1980
William H Sullivan
5527 Shasta La., La Mesa, 92041
Michael L Slonecker
Bruno J Verbeck
A45F 5/02
A45C 13/18
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