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A device for supporting a patient on a lift apparatus includes a generally rigid seat portion foldably connected to the lower end of a generally rigid back portion. A main support yoke has an upper cross bar adapted for connection to a lift apparatus and a pair of depending yoke arms connectable to the back portion at a medial position thereon. A pair of dual arm hangers are pivotally suspended from the upper cross bar for supporting opposite sides of the seat portion. Both the yoke arms and hangers may be rigid members which are length adjustable to retracted positions for transferring a patient into confined quarters such as an automobile. Whereas the device is connectable to a lift apparatus by a single connection to facilitate lifting and lowering of a patient, a pair of stabilizer bars are provided for securing the device during transport.

Patient transfer device
Application Number
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Application Date
November 30, 1978
Publication Date
November 11, 1980
Bartholomew Petrini
7517 N. Ridge Dr., Omaha, 68112
A61G 1/02
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