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The attachment device is made of two piece separable construction for use in securing flexible films and fabrics, hereafter referred to as material. One element has two longitudinal grooves facing in opposite directions, one groove being larger than the other groove. The other element has two longitudinal beads that positively interlock with the grooves of the first element when the two elements are pushed together by one of said beads and the larger groove acting as a pivot and the other bead and smaller groove being engageable by relative rotational movement of said elements about said pivot. Flexing of one or both elements allows for engagement of the shallower groove and complementary bead. The said interlocking action of the two elements is utilized to capture and secure material placed between the two elements. The shallower groove and complementary bead are disengageable by relative rotational movement of the two elements about said pivot when the two elements are pulled apart.

Attachment device for flexible films and fabrics
Application Number
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July 26, 1978
Publication Date
November 4, 1980
Donald F Looney
P.O. Box 685, Irmo, 29063
Danny O Derrick
5935 McMillan Cir., Columbia, 29210
Benjamin G Weil
A44B 21/00
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