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A flexible esophageal tube is provided for insertion through the mouth, downward past the tracheal entrance and into the esophagus to a lower limit opposite the tracheal carina. Inflatable cuffs are respectively fixed, above and below the tracheal entrance, on the esophageal tube for sealing the tracheal entrance against leakage around the tube. A ventilating tube is sealed in the esophageal tube against the anterior wall of the upper part thereof with an open distal end projecting out of the esophageal tube and mouth and a closed distal end extending past the tracheal entrance. Perforations defined in the common anterior surface of both tubes between the cuffs admits anesthetics, introduced at the distal end of the ventilating tube, to pass into the tracheal entrance, trachea and lungs. Thus there can be no mixing of vomit expelled from the stomach through the esophageal tube with general anesthetic and air forced into ventilating tube and the esophagus between inflated cuffs and destined for trachea and lungs.

Apparatus and method for sealing esophageal entrance to trachea above and below
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March 13, 1979
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October 28, 1980
Sharon L Young
8600 Pontchartrain Blvd. Apt. 312, New Orleans, 70124
James B Lake Jr
A61M 25/00
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