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Automatic apparatus for the weighing and emptying of a product contained in a container equipped with a cover, wherein it comprises means for bringing the container onto a manipulating area, means for grasping the container, bringing it onto a weighing apparatus and placing it in front of a cover manipulating mechanism, said means being controlled by jacks, means for placing the container in a cover manipulating mechanism and for engaging it in a product emptying mechanism, said means being controlled by jacks and the emptying of the product being effected by turning over the container, electrical synchronization means able to control the means and mechanisms described hereinbefore in a first direction in such a way that the container is brought onto the manipulating area, grasped so as to bring it onto a weighing area, placed in the manipulating mechanisms so that the cover is removed, engaged in the product emptying mechanism, then so that the said means and mechanisms are controlled in a second direction opposite to the first direction in such a way that the container is disengaged from the emptying mechanism, is placed in the manipulating mechanism so that the cover is placed back on the container and so that the container is grasped and returned onto the weighing apparatus and then is returned to the manipulating area.

The apparatus can be used whenever it is necessary to manipulate dangerous or contaminated products and is particularly suitable for use in nuclear or chemical installations.

Automatic apparatus for weighing and emptying a product contained in a container provided with a cover or lid
Application Number
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February 27, 1979
Publication Date
October 21, 1980
Jacques Salom
Guy F Berger
Kerkam Stowell Kondracki & Clarke
Commissariat a l Energie Atomique
B65B 21/02
G01G 19/00
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