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A pedal driven vehicle such as a bicycle which employs oscillating levers instead of crank type pedals, and endless chain to which the two pedal levers are respectively connected, one to each run of the chain by pull and push rods to impart an oscillatory movement to said chain and in which the oscillating chain is connected to drive two shafts in opposite directions at any one time and means including one way drives connecting said shafts respectively to the drive wheel for propelling said vehicle. The vehicle also has means for simultaneously moving the connections between said pull and push rods and the oscillating levers respectively along the lengths of said levers in the same direction so as to change the effective leverage of said levers and to thus change the driving ratio imparted to the propelling wheel by the drive mechanism.

Pedal driven vehicle
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February 14, 1979
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October 14, 1980
Timber Dick
P.O. Box 611, Burlingame, 94010
Hume Clement Brinks Willian & Olds
B62M 1/06
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B62M 15/00
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