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An improved suturing apparatus for non-continuous suturing of ruptured or incised skin. Suturing thread is held in an enclosed reel and fed through tubing into a hollow suturing needle. The suturing thread exits the hollow suturing needle through an aperture proximate to the tip of the hollow suturing needle. Needle-holding forceps hold the hollow suturing needle and assist in forcing the needle tip through the tissue to be sewn. Regulable feed means for moving the thread, such as compressed gas, is introduced into the enclosed reel, tubing or hollow suturing needle. The compressed gas moves toward the lower pressure area created by the aperture in the hollow suturing needle, also pushing and carrying the suturing thread out the aperture. The needle tip is pulled back out of the tissue, leaving the extended thread in the tissue. A sharp edge on the needle aperture is used to cut the suturing thread.

Suturing apparatus
Application Number
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February 5, 1979
Publication Date
September 30, 1980
Mamoru Fukuda
1260 Hardy Dr., Bridge City, 77611
Gunn Lee & Jackson
A61B 17/06
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