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An endoscope includes a distal end section, a pair of axially spaced annular cuffs mounted on the distal end section or a cuff member mounted on the distal end section having an opening formed in its intermediate portion and sealingly fitted at its edge portions on the distal end section, and a chamber formed in the distal end section and opened at the opening in the cuff member. By the expansion of the cuffs or the cuff member, a closed space is defined by the inner surface of a body cavity where an affected part exists, and the cuffs or the cuff member, and a medical instrument is accessible to the affected part through the chamber with blood or other body fluids cleared from the space during the treatment of the affected part. A communication duct extends along the digital end section such that it allows the blood or other body fluids to freely flow in the body cavity while the affected part is being treated.

Endoscope with expansible cuff member and operation section
Application Number
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Application Date
November 3, 1978
Publication Date
September 30, 1980
Hiroyuki Furihata
Olympus Optical
A61B 1/00
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