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An automatic periodic pharmaceutical preparation dispenser, for alerting patients under medication when specific drugs are to be taken. The device provides orderly storage of a plurality of drugs to be taken in a given time period with a coding associated with each pill. The device further provides a timer having a signal device responsive thereto to indicate when a specific medicament is to be taken and at a predetermined time interval relative to previously administered drugs. In the several embodiments shown, the timer comprises a clock mechanism; a time chip totalizer; and a signal responsive paging device all of which are arranged to indicate when and which pharmaceutical preparation is to be taken.

Automatic periodic drug dispensing system
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January 26, 1978
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September 23, 1980
Torsten S Carlson
1077 Wicke Ave., Des Plaines, 60018
Hill Van Santen Steadman Chiara & Simpson
B65D 83/04
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