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A portable self-contained computational device for use by a striding athlete, such as a jogger, includes a stride length selector permitting the athlete to preselect a normal length of stride and a rate selector permitting the athlete to preselect a desired rate of travel by striding, as in minutes/mile. Circuitry of the device generates repetitive signals at a desired striding cue, or pacing, rate. A signalling device provides perceptible striding cues to the athlete in response to these repetitive signals. The device includes a computing circuit responsive to the rate selector to provide incremental distance measurements periodically. An accumulator accumulates the incremental distance measurements and a display provides to the athlete an indication of the accumulated total of the incremental measurements, thus indicating the total distance covered by the athlete's striding in synchronism with the striding cues. The device selectively also displays the total elapsed time of striding and makes possible also precise calibration of the athlete's normal length of stride.

Joggers computational device
Application Number
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Application Date
January 31, 1979
Publication Date
September 2, 1980
Talmadge R Searcy
515 W. Dee St., Lebanon, 62254
Kalish & Gilster
G01C 22/00
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