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Herein disclosed is a tire building drum which is constructed expansible in diameter and stretchable in width. The tire building drum comprises in combination: a plurality of base segments circumferentially arranged to define as a whole a cylindrical drum body and adapted to be radially expansible; a pair of side flange means disposed oppositely at axially outer positions of the base segments to be movable along the axial direction of the drum body toward and away from the base segments; and a drum width arranging means for adjusting a drum width measured along the axial direction of the drum body between the side flange means: characterized in that each of the side flange means includes a slide base provided axially movably toward and away from each of the base segments and a side flange axially movably toward and away from the slide base; and that the drum width arranging means includes a pair of screw shafts having oppositely threaded portions which are in threaded engagement with the slide base and the side flange, respectively, for connecting the slide base and side flange, a rotary shaft having axially outer end portions axially slidably received in the screw shafts and rotatable in unison with the screw shafts, and a rotary shaft rotating mechanism provided at the central portion of the rotary shaft to transform a radial rotational force into an axial rotational force for transmitting the same to the rotary shaft; whereby the rotary shaft is rotated by the rotary shaft rotating mechanism to cause the side flange to be axially moved toward and away from the slide bases.

Tire building drum
Application Number
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October 20, 1978
Publication Date
September 2, 1980
Yoshihumi Kitayama
Sinji Kawaida
Cushman Darby & Cushman
Bridgestone Tire Company
B29H 17/16
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