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Multi-layered optical data records and playback apparatus are described in which a plurality of optical data layers are provided on at least one side of a record substrate and the playback apparatus scans data tracks on such layers with a light beam to produce an electrical readout signal corresponding to the data in the scanned tracks. The playback apparatus includes selection means for selectively playing back data tracks on different ones of the data layers. The data track may be formed by lines of data spots of binary coded digital information or such spots may be frequency modulated or pulse length modulated analog information which are photographically recorded at extremely high data density so that they may be used to record audio or video signals including television signals. While the optical data records may be light transparent, they are preferably light reflective so that the playback light source and associated focusing and scanning means may be supported on the same side of the record as the light detector to provide a more compact playback apparatus. This also enables at least some of the same optical elements to be used for transmitting the reflected light beam to the detector that are used for transmitting the playback light beam from the light source to the record. Selection of one data track for playback may be accomplished by changing the focus of the light beam from one data layer to another, or by making the data tracks of optically different materials, such as using different color dyes or different photoluminescent materials, and selectively positioning corresponding color filters in front of the light detectors.

Record playback apparatus for optical data records
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January 20, 1978
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August 26, 1980
James T Russell
Klarquist Sparkman Campbell Leigh Hall & Whinston
Eli S Jacobs
G11B 21/04
G11B 7/00
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