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The invention relates to an elongate plate for osteosynthesis. The plate comprises at least two screw holes and a respective hole-free longitudinal section separating each neighboring pair of the screw holes. A spacing, perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the plate, between two mutually opposite surfaces of at least two sections containing the screw holes is greater than that between two mutually opposite surfaces of the hole-free sections. The plate exhibits at least in the region of the screw holes a bending resistance amount W=I/e along a plane extending substantially centrally of the plate in the longitudinal direction of the plate and intersecting substantially perpendicularly that surface of the plate which is intended to rest on a bone. The bending resistance moment W=I/e lies between a lower and an upper limiting value, the lower limiting value being at most 30% smaller than the upper limiting value, wherein I is the polar moment of inertia, and e is the maximum value of the distance of the outline bounding the cross-sectional area from a neutral surface of the plate.

Plates for osteosynthesis
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April 18, 1978
Publication Date
August 26, 1980
Samuel Steinemann
St. Sulpice
McGlew and Tuttle
Institut Straumann
A61B 17/18
A61F 5/04
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