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A spread spectrum communication adaptive array antenna processor is disclosed which can acquire and remain synchronized to a pseudo-noise (PN) signal transmitted in a multipath signal environment. The plurality of antennas which receive rf signals are individually associated with mixing circuitry which reduces the received signals to IF frequencies. The IF signals are fed into the adaptive filtering portion of the adaptive signal processor which contains circuits to generate an adaptive weight corresponding to each antenna element. An array signal is formed by summing the products of each IF signal with a filter weight corresponding to each antenna element generated within each respective adaptive loop. The adaptive signal processor utilizes the complex conjugate of the error feedback signal which is then multiplied by each respective IF signal. The complex conjugate of this integrated product forms each filter weight. A channel estimator generates an adaptive reference signal which inclues the essential multipath characteristics of the received signal. By using this reference signal in conjunction with the array signal generated by the adaptive filtering portion of the processor, the adaptive array can form an appropriate main beam without prior knowledge of the signal propagation direction.

Channel estimating reference signal processor for communication system adaptive antennas
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August 11, 1978
Publication Date
August 12, 1980
August L McGuffin
General Electric Company
H04B 7/00
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