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This invention relates to a structural element for three-dimensional objects, e.g. furniture, said element having the shape of a longitudinal section, such that standard sections, mutually only differing in length, may be used for assembling the object. The section thereto comprises at least two longitudinal legs which include an angle, of which each leg is chamfered at its joining end with another of said elements at a predetermined angle with the longitudinal axis of the leg, perpendicular to the plane of that leg, such that the chamfering angles with the longitudinal axis of two legs of two sections to be joined to each other, which legs are in the same plane after the connection of the sections, are mutually equal, in which each leg of a section has at least one tenon projection and the element to be joined thereto having at least one corresponding mortise for receiving said tenon projection.

The construction achieved by said sections is rigid without the use of additional fastening means.

Structural element for three-dimensional objects, e.g. furniture
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May 31, 1978
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August 5, 1980
Robert J A B Lever
Veerstraat 2, Schoonhoven
F16B 12/44
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