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A remote control device adapted to operate on a single remotely transmitted standardized command signal of a specific duration having a frequency within a predetermined frequency band, to actuate one or more control functions at the receiver, the receiver being equipped separately to indicate (a) when a signal within the correct frequency band is being received, and (b) when such a signal has been received for the specific duration. Means are provided at the receiver for changing the available command options automatically and so indicating to the transmitter, and for temporarily halting the command option changer upon the reception of a signal within the predetermined frequency range. Additional means are provided at the receiver for a series of command signals to be accepted by the receiver in such a way that the command option changer does not sequence to the next command option until the series of command signals is completed. Further means are provided to minimize interference from ambient sounds whereby the receiver will reject a predetermined number of standardized command signals, and provide an indication of that number.

Remote control apparatus
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November 16, 1978
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July 22, 1980
William J Warner
305 Memorial Dr., Suite 514A, Cambridge, 02139
H04Q 9/00
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