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Electronic generation of the display is accomplished by a system which includes a host computer, a plurality of object generators, and related circuitry. Each object generator contains a memory which stores the image of an object which may be displayed on the video display. The host computer assigns locations in the scene to the objects of each object generator. Each object generator includes its own microprocessor which performs calculations based on its own object information and position and range information received from the host computer to provide appropriate video signals for the display. The related circuitry of the system includes a blanking and count generator which provides signals whereby the color video information from the object generator is displayed on the video display and it also establishes times for permitting updating of the information between the host computer and the object generators. Further features include a priority chain linking the object generators which, if an overlap situation occurs where more than one object generator is calling for its information to be displayed in the same location on the video display, the object which has been assigned a higher priority, indicating that it is at a closer range than others, has its overlap information displayed on the video display instead of those of lower priority. Another feature is the data compression scheme employed to store the object image in each object generator.

Computer-generated display for a fire control combat simulator
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June 13, 1978
Publication Date
June 24, 1980
Stuart W Flockencier
Chesterfield Twp., Macomb County
Arthur W S Gilham
Sterling Heights
Baldwin & Newtson
Chrysler Corporation
G06F 3/14
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