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A device for use primarily in medical applications to locate, analyze, illuminate and destroy obstructions in a tube. The device includes a fiberoptics bundle for insertion to the tube in a flexible conduit. The conduit includes a connection to a suction source at one of its ends, a valved means of controlling the application of suction, which functions also to control the injection of locating material, and a connection to the fiberoptics bundle. The fiberoptics bundle is divided into an illuminating source bundle portion, a viewing bundle portion and a laser bundle portion. The device functions to remove obstructions in tube structures, both biological and non-biological, by insertion of the conduit sheathed device into the tube structure, distal to the obstruction. A dye, or the like, is injected and the site of the obstruction thereby determined under the guidance of image-intensified fluoroscopy. The conduit is moved toward the obstruction until resistance is felt, and the negative pressure source or suction applied to attach the conduit to the obstruction. The physical contact between the device and the obstruction, as well as the physical appearance of the obstruction, are determined by direct viewing. The obstruction is then vaporized by the laser beam with vaporized debris being constantly removed by the suction, and at the same time, the conduit is advanced by the suction, so that it is in continuous contact with the obstruction. A transparent reservoir is connected to the conduit so that upon complete tunnelling an indication thereof may be observed in the transparent reservoir.

Laser tunnelling device
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March 27, 1978
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June 17, 1980
Daniel S J Choy
892 Riverbank Rd., Stamford, 06903
Wolder Gross & Yavner
B23K 9/00
A61B 1/06
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