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Transportable self-stabilized hydromotive assembly for a fluid storing dam for purposes of energy production; being engineered with a water flow circulation path having a very restricted longitude, and an electric generator having a rotor with a great moment of inertia; then introducing a dynamically self-stabilized performance into the connected electrical networks.

Means are also provided for purposes of: starting, synchronizing, keep running, and stopping the turbine-generator set; and for introducing a balanced upwardly lifting pull into the structural body of said hydromotive assembly when positioned in submerged status for purposes of energy production, or for transportation procedures.

Self-stabilized hydromotive assembly
Application Number
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Application Date
February 23, 1978
Publication Date
June 10, 1980
Francisco J G Atencio
Estafeta Dr. Garcia, Diamante Entre Rios
Emory L Groff Jr
E02B 9/00
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