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A horizontal wind powered electrical generator is disclosed in which a horizontal reaction turbine is disposed within an augmentor cowling which extends downwind of the turbine. First stage curved stator blades interconnect the augmentor with the turbine cowling, and secondary stator blades are spaced downwind from said primary stator blades to extend inwardly from the augmentor to terminate short of the turbine cowling. These secondary stator blades have a greater angle of departure than the primary stator blades to increase the rotational velocity of the air at the expense of its axial velocity while permitting the axial velocity of the air moving inwardly of the secondary stator blades to be undiminished. A venturi-structured diffusor is carried by said augmentor in a downwind position to lower the pressure generally and assist the action of the secondary stator blades.

Horizontal wind powered reaction turbine electrical generator
Application Number
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July 24, 1978
Publication Date
May 27, 1980
Arie M de Geus
6625 - 4th St. South, St. Petersburg, 33705
Dressler Goldsmith Shore Sutker & Milnamow
F03D 1/04
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