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Apparatus for transporting containers in a compartment such as an airplane and releasably fixing the containers in individual storage positions. A carriage movable in opposite directions and track transports the containers sequentially to respective storage position and removes them from the compartment. A plurality of paired tubular stops spaced along the tracks define the storage positions and the containers bear against the stops and are held stationary in respective storage positions. Each stop comprises a tubular rod biased to an extended position above the level of the track to hold the containers stationary between each two successive stops. Each tubular rod has an internal spring biasing it to its extended position. The steps are retracted under control of the carriage and releasably locked under its control in a given direction of travel. The steps assume an extended position when the carriage travels in a direction opposite to the given direction.

Container securing device
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December 14, 1977
Publication Date
May 20, 1980
Jury F Bozhenov
Leningradsky prospekt, 50, kv. 30, Moscow
Leonid I Suris
Smolnaya ulitsa, 31, kv. 85, Moscow
Konstantin V Artemov
Nizhegorodskaya ulitsa, 21, kv. 29, Moscow
Jury N Ivanov
Oruzheiny pereulok, 5-9, kv. 60, Moscow
Bruce L Adams
Emmanuel J Lobato
Robert E Burns
B64D 9/00
B61J 1/22
B61D 45/00
B60P 7/08
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