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A method and a surgical stapling instrument for the stapling together of the free ends of two hollow organs. The instrument comprises an elongated tubular body, a base unit concentrically connected to the body and a head unit mounted to the body and concentric therewith for relative movement with respect to the head unit over a range wherein the inner end thereof is spaced apart from the outer end of the base unit and wherein the inner end of the head unit is substantially adjacent to the outer end of the base unit. Holding elements are mounted on the base and head units and project outwardly from the outer and inner ends thereof respectively to extend between the base and head units and are disposed inwardly from the outer periphery of the ends of the base and head units for holding the free ends of the hollow organs inwardly of actuatable stapling and cutting mechanisms to maintain the free ends in position on the base and head portions while the base and head units are moved towards one another. The method includes inserting the instrument into an incision in one hollow organ with the base and head units substantially adjacent until the head unit is inserted into the free end of the other organ, separating the two units until the base unit is in the free end of the one organ, connecting the free ends to the holding elements, moving the head and base units towards each other until substantially adjacent, actuating the stapling and cutting mechanisms, separating the two units and withdrawing the instrument from the organs.

Surgical stapling instrument and method
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March 31, 1978
Publication Date
April 22, 1980
Dimitrios Papachristou
New York
Joseph G Fortner
New York
Sprung Felfe Horn Lynch & Kramer
Memorial Hospital for Cancer and Allied Diseases
A61B 17/04
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