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The invention relates to illuminating spectacles with variable magnifying power, essentially comprising, in combination, a frame 1, provided with removable illuminating means, particularly by cold light, composed of light conduits 8,9 resiliently engaged in grooves 10,11 provided on the top of the frame and on the inner edges of the frame on either side of the nose, and spectacle lenses each separately provided with a small "zoom" lens 4,5 the illuminating end of said illuminating means being substantially in the axis of vision of the working field. These spectacles are useful in endoscopic micrurgy, various medical fields, in jewelry, electronics, dentistry, and for making precision assemblies and the like.

Illuminating spectacles with variable magnifying power
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October 20, 1978
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April 1, 1980
Jacques Lotteau
22, rue de Breteuil, 78670 Villennes sur Seine
Charles Freche
9 rue Villebois Mareuil, 75017 Paris
Fisher Christen & Sabol
G02B 25/02
G02B 23/18
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