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A lead frame and chip carrier housing are disclosed which can be used in packaging integrated circuit chips of a range of sizes and requiring varying numbers of leads in the lead frame. The lead frame comprises a centrally located square support portion having simple leads extending from its side edges and having composite leads extending from its corners. Each of the composite leads comprises a trunk lead and branch leads which extend from the side edges of the trunk lead. A relatively small integrated circuit chip can be used with the lead frame by removing only the support portion, locating the chip adjacent to the opening and connecting the simple leads only to the terminal areas of the chip. The lead frame can be used with larger chips having greater numbers of terminal pads by removing the support portion, removing inner end portions of the simple leads, and removing inner end portions of the composite leads so that some or all of the branch leads become available for establishing electrical connections to the chip. The chip carrier housing comprises an open frame member of insulating material molded onto intermediate portions of all of the leads. The inner ends of the leads are imbedded in a thin web which extends from the molded frame inwardly towards the center of the lead frame. Portions of this web are removed when the central opening is formed in the lead frame for the chip.

Lead frame and chip carrier housing
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February 23, 1979
Publication Date
March 25, 1980
Ronald Patterson
Dimitry Grabbe
Lisbon Falls
Frederick W Raring
AMP Incorporated
H05K 1/04
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