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A prefabricated weatherproof roofing panel for new construction applicable directly to the roof rafters, or for older house construction where the existing roof and sheathing both need replacement, is described. Such prefabricated panels are complete per se and when applied by a carpenter to the roof rafters provide a completed roof construction without the need of the usual skilled roofing workman. The panels include a substrate of plywood covered with a felt sheet material saturated with asphalt. A plurality of shingle strips are secured to each panel over the felt sheet. The plywood substrates are disposed on the roof in edge-to-edge abutting relationship and the shingles of the respective panels extend over the abutting edges into an interlocking and interweaving relationship. The shingle strips of each panel are incised at there bottom edges to form a plurality of tabs. When placed on the panel of the present invention in a plurality of staggered, off-set courses, the tabs give the appearance of separate, individual shingles.

Single sheathing roof panel
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March 29, 1978
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March 25, 1980
John N Diamond
P.O. Box 93, Malvern, 19355
Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch
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