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A manure collection and storage system includes a collecting receptacle for receiving manure collected from an animal confining facility, and a water line for adding water to the manure in the collecting receptacle to form a slurry. A storage receptacle is located at a distance from the collecting receptacle and is connected thereto by a conduit. A first pump is coupled in the conduit for transferring slurry from the collecting receptacle to the storage receptacle. A second pump is coupled to the storage receptacle for recirculating the slurry therein thereby to agitate the same, the second pump being adapted to discharge slurry from the second receptacle.

Manure collection and storage system
Application Number
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May 30, 1978
Publication Date
March 18, 1980
Donald D Thrasher
Rte. No. 1, North Manchester, 46962
Gust Irish Jeffers & Rickert
A01K 1/00
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