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A portable travel expense tabulator having the appearance of a conventional electronic hand-held calculator has a keyboard including a set of numerical input keys and a set of expense designating input keys. The device also includes a paper tape supply and takeup and a print-out device. By pressing appropriate numerical keys and an expense key, one can print on the tape the symbol for the type of expense along with the dollar amount. A summation of the expenses is carried in an electronic memory. Additional inputs include an exchange rate designator which can be preset at a monetary exchange rate. Local currencies are keyed in by the numerical keys and are converted to dollars before print-out. Also, mileage expenses may be computed and printed by mileage and cents-per-mile inputs. Dates may also be printed on the tape by means of the keyboard input.

Portable travel expense tabulator
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August 7, 1978
Publication Date
March 4, 1980
Harry H Hausdorff
270 Westport Rd., Wilton, 06897
Garold E Bramblett Jr
G06F 15/30
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