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A digital tachograph system includes a vehicle unit operative to detect vehicle performance characteristics such as vehicle speed, elapsed trip distance, engine rpm, total engine revolutions, total fuel consumption, rate of fuel consumption and the like as a function of time. The forgoing vehicle performance characteristic data is displayed in the vehicle unit and is stored in a data memory located therein. A fixed base unit includes a central computer system for processing vehicle performance data, storing the data in a memory file and for reading out the vehicle performance data in the form of a printout, graph plot, CRT display or the like. The vehicle performance data may be transferred from the vehicle unit to a field terminal which connects to the central computer system either by means of a cable connection by directly interconnecting said portable memory unit or by radio transmission means.

Digital tachograph system with digital memory system
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April 8, 1976
Publication Date
February 12, 1980
Emanuel S Weisbart
99-60 63rd Rd., Forest Hills, 11374
Bernard Malina
G08G 17/00
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