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An eductor-mixer system in which pressurized working fluid is discharged through a nozzle as a concentric, high speed jet flowing past the end of an inlet tube into a mixing chamber for generating a vacuum thereby to positively draw a pressure transportable material through the inlet tube and into the mixing chamber and for mixing with the working fluid to form a dispersion with the walls of the mixing chamber being spaced from the projected path of the jet. A bypass is disclosed for the flow of pressurized working fluid around the nozzle thereby to control the amount of material drawn into the eductor-mixer. A recycle system is also disclosed which withdraws a portion of the mixed dispersion and recirculates it through the nozzle for shearing as it passes through the nozzle. Additional material and/or working fluid may be added so as to vary the concentration level or quality of the resulting dispersion.

Eductor-mixer system
Application Number
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May 31, 1977
Publication Date
February 5, 1980
Avrom R Handleman
P.O. Box 13151, St. Louis, 63119
Koenig Senniger Powers and Leavitt
F16K 19/00
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