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Hydrogen and other gases that are miscible in petroleum are injected into an underground reservoir to the extent that the volume of hydrogen exceeds the absorption capacity of the petroleum, thereby forming a gas cap composed substantially of hydrogen. Petroleum is withdrawn from the reservoir in part under the influence of gases absorbed into the petroleum and in part under the influence of increased reservoir pressure created by an artificial gas cap. Reservoir temperature is increased by establishing a combustion zone within the underground petroleum reservoir. Hydrogen is withdrawn from the artificial gas cap and is reinjected into the petroleum adjacent to the combustion zone with the resultant hydrogenation of the petroleum.

Enhanced recoveries of petroleum and hydrogen from underground reservoirs
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October 2, 1978
Publication Date
January 15, 1980
Robert L Magnie
800 Metrobank 475-17th St., Denver, 80202
Ruel C Terry
E21B 43/24
E21B 43/18
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