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An improved construction for articles of footwear, such as boots and shoes of all types, includes an inflated insert, preferably in the shape of an insole, having a multiplicity of intercommunicating, gas containing chambers, and a ventilated moderator member which overlies the inflated insole for evenly distributing the forces exerted by the gas containing chambers across the plantar surface of the foot of the wearer. The material from which the insole is constructed and the gas contained in the intercommunicating chambers of the insole member are selected so that the rate of diffusion of the gas through the barrier material of the insole will be extremely slow, the insole remaining inflated to a substantial pressure for several years. The pressure to which the intercommunicating gas containing chambers are inflated is selected so that the insole will support the foot in a comfortable manner, distribute the load on the foot across the plantar portion of the foot, with no unusually high pressure points on the foot, and absorb shock forces experienced during walking, jumping or running to protect the bones of the foot and body and the various body organs. In addition, energy is absorbed, stored, and returned as motivating energy to the foot, leg and body in such manner as to make walking, running and jumping more efficient and less tiring.

Insole construction for articles of footwear
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September 6, 1977
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January 15, 1980
Marion F Rudy
Subkow and Kriegel
Robert C Bogert
A61N 0/00
A43B 13/20
A43B 13/38
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