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A switch placed in a bed under a patient, includes contacts which can make or break a connection to a signal processing circuit. The signal processing circuit charges a capacitor at a selected rate, when the switch is in a first state and discharges the capacitor when the switch is in a second state. A latch is set to actuate a signal when the voltage of the capacitor reaches a selected high value. By controlling the rates of charge and discharge of the capacitor it is possible to provide an indication of the degree of restlessness of the patient, the presence of the patient in bed, and whether the patient is out of bed.

Apparatus to indicate when a patient has evacuated a bed or demonstrates a restless condition
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
May 5, 1977
Publication Date
December 18, 1979
Dwight A Vance
8709 E. 29, Tulsa, 74129
Head Johnson & Chafin
G08B 21/00
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