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In a radio paging system with multiple base stations covering respective geographic areas, subscribers may move freely from area to area and transfer their paging service accordingly by means of a local telephone cell. Radio-transmitted pages are confined to the specific area of the subscriber's whereabouts. Pages are automatically stored while a subscriber is in transit from one area to another. If the subscriber has been paged during the transit period, he is automatically paged when his paging service is transferred upon arrival at his destination. Pages destined for a subscriber who is remotely located are originated in the same manner as if that subscriber were operating locally, i.e. by means of a local telephone call, whether or not the page originator knows the location of the recipient (subscriber). Pages may be originated from any area throughout the system for any subscriber regardless of his location. Pages are automatically forwarded to the subscriber and the area of origin is discernable to the subscriber from a digital readout on the paging receiver. The national land switched telephone network (or other transmission medium) may be used throughout the system to provide automatic page transfer, control and information signalling. Provision is made for automatic billing of subscribers at their home base station and for generation and collection of data for traffic analysis. The system may operate equally well using forms of transmission media other than the national switched telephone network, these include but are not limited to, packet data switching networks, satellite transmission and data networks, and telegraph switching networks. Direct leased lines could also be used if required.

Automatic nationwide paging system
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May 26, 1978
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December 11, 1979
Edward G Frost
12000 Old Georgetown Rd., Rockville, 20852
Rose & Edell
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