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A portable holder for one or more fishing rods is disclosed and comprises two or more rectangular plates fixed in vertically spaced, parallel relation with respect to one another by means of an elongate shaft which is pointed at its free end to provide easy penetration into the earth at a shore fishing location or the like. The uppermost plate or plates is provided with a pair of through bores positioned apart a given spacing to either side of the shaft axis. The lowermost plate is provided with a pair of blind bores arranged at a closer spacing to the shaft axis than the through bores of the uppermost plate or plates such that fishing rods supported in the holder are inclined outwardly at an angle with respect to the shaft axis. Preferably, the holder is formed of plastic or wood and may be integrally molded or assembled from its component parts.

Portable fishing rod holder
Application Number
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December 16, 1977
Publication Date
December 4, 1979
Joe A Lowe
2437 Cherokee La., Winston-Salem, 27103
Wigman & Cohen
A01K 97/10
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