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A method and apparatus is disclosed for use in performing automated classification of cells of a pap smear as well as other types of cells, such as red blood cells and blood cell neutrophiles. The apparatus generates an image that is split into two paths, (1) a high resolution image of primarily the nucleus of a cell, and (2) a low resolution image of the total cell, nucleus and cytoplasm. An image scanning device located in the first path provides output signals representing the image and circuitry performs measurement and analysis relating to texture of the nucleus. The image in the other path is demagnified which provides an enlarged, lower resolution image of the entire cell, including the nucleus and the cytoplasm and it is projected to a second image scanning device, which provides electrical signals that represent the image of the larger area and circuitry performs measurement and analysis relating to the size, density and color of the cytoplasm and the nucleus. The analysis obtained from each of the two circuits are applied to classification logic circuitry for the purpose of determining malignant cells.

Dual resolution method and apparatus for use in automated classification of pap smear and other samples
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May 31, 1977
Publication Date
November 27, 1979
James W Bacus
Fitch Even & Tabin
Rush Presbyterian St Luke s Medical Center
G01N 33/16
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