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A tray has an upturned flange at least on the front edge thereof, and support means to space the tray above the floor of a fireplace, such that an opening is provided under the front of the tray to permit air flow. A hollow, raised portion in the tray, or draft control, has orifices that permit a controlled flow of air to fuel in the tray. The tray is closely fitted to the walls of a fireplace; so that, substantially, the only source of oxygen for the fuel in the grate is through the orifices in the draft control. In a preferred embodiment, the draft control is removable and fits over an opening in the tray. Also, valve means may be included for closing the draft control to any desired extent.

Draft air control for fireplace grate
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April 25, 1977
Publication Date
November 13, 1979
Rex M Brown
435 E., 1st N., Smithfield, 84335
Edward E McCullough
F24B 13/02
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