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This invention relates in general to improved containers for the growth of plants which provide a better environment for the plant roots, and hence improved plant growth, by providing a better balance between the water and gaseous contents of the growing media. This is achieved through the use of indentations in the bottom and/or side(s) of the container, thereby, (1) increasing the surface area of the part of the container in contact with the growing media, (2) reducing the average distance a molecule must diffuse in the growing media from roots before encountering a media-air interface (and vice versa) and (3) reducing th proportion of relatively water saturated growing media in the container.

Container with raised indentations for aeration and drainage
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September 14, 1977
Publication Date
November 6, 1979
George L Staby
1170 Slade Ave., Columbus, 43220
Millard Cox & Smith
A01G 9/02
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