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A foldable implement construction includes an implement tool carrying center frame pivotally connected to a draft frame and is provided with a pair of transversely extending outrigger tool sections connected on respective opposite sides of the center frame by a single ball and socket-like hinge which provides a single hinge for both horizontal swinging of the outrigger sections from their transversely extending working position to a longitudinally extending transport position, and further provides for radial pivotal movement of the outrigger sections in their working position to allow the latter to cant and rise and fall in accordance with uneven terrain. Superstructure provided on the center frame cooperates with the ball and socket hinge to both limit of the degree of radial pivotal freedom of the outrigger sections in the working position and to centilever mount the outrigger sections on the center frame in the transport position, whereby to eliminate the need for wheels for supporting the outer extremities of the outrigger sections when the latter are swung between their working and transport positions. The center frame is also provided with a transversely extending tool section and includes wheels and associated mechanism mounted thereto for vertical shifting into and out of engagement with the ground to permit raising each of the tool sections out of contact with the ground in order to allow folding of the outrigger sections for transport. Each of the tool sections is provided with a vertically shiftable, removably mounted tool carrying frame to permit simple interchange of tools, and includes mechanism for manually varying the penetration depth of the implement tools, without resort to vertically shiftable, ground engaging wheels for altering the elevation of the entire tool section.

Foldable construction for agricultural implements
Application Number
Publication Number
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September 26, 1977
Publication Date
October 16, 1979
Roy E Applequist
Schimdt Johnson Hovey & Williams
Great Plains Manufacturing Incorporated
A01B 73/00
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