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A television receiver programming and selection monitoring system is provided to permit a television viewer to preselect a television viewing schedule of desired television channels to be viewed during subsequent time periods. The system also permits the monitoring by a remote data processing center of the actual television programs viewed by the television viewer. The programming portion of the system includes first and second switches for preselecting a desired time period and for preselecting one of a plurality of television channels to be viewed during the preselected time period. A recording device is provided and is interconnected to the first and second switches. The system further includes a tone generator for producing a plurality of unique tones. The first switch is operable to drive the recording device and the second switch is operable to select and apply ones of the plurality of unique tones to the recording device, wherein the selected ones of the plurality of unique tones correspond to the preselected television channel. Through operation of the first and second switches the recording device generates a record of the preselected television viewing schedule. The monitoring portion of the system is operable to record ones of a plurality of unique tones depending upon the actual channel selected by the television viewer during a time period. The recording device is interconnected to a central data processing center over a communication link. The data recorded by the recording device is then transmitted to the central data processing center upon receipt of an interrogation signal.

Programming and selection monitoring system for television receivers
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October 28, 1977
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October 9, 1979
Arthur O Miller
10141 Chesterton Dr., Dallas, 75238
Richard Harris & Medlock
H04N 7/02
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