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An electronic reflex game wherein one of a plurality of switches is manipulated by a player to deactuate one of a plurality of light bulbs. An actuation device randomly actuates one of three light bulbs. Three corresponding switches are situated below the lights wherein each switch deactuates the light above it. The actuation device includes a variable frequency oscillator which generates pulses to trigger one of three lights. The variable frequency oscillator also determines the amount of time within which the switches can deactuate the lights. Each time a correct switch is pressed during a limited time period, a counter indicates the correct hit and a new light is actuated at random. A timing device gradually increases the frequency of the variable frequency oscillator as the game progresses so the time period when a switch can deactuate the light gradually shortens as the game progresses. The random actuation of lighting continues until a light is not deactuated within the limited time period or when two switches are pressed simultaneously during the limited time period.

Electronic reflex game
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February 22, 1977
Publication Date
October 2, 1979
David J Hall
18104 Lovell Rd., Spring Lake, 49456
John E McGarry
A61B 5/16
A63F 9/06
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