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Structures are provided in strip or sheet-like fastening materials formed by molding together with an apparatus and method for producing same. In one form, a strip-like fastening material is formed by molding a plurality of narrow strips, each containing at least one row of fastening elements extending longitudinally therealong and guiding said strips into edgewise abutment whereafter they are fastened together, such as by welding, to form a wider strip or sheet of fastening material containing a plurality of rows of molded fastening elements. The fastening elements may comprise molded hooks with or without barbs, arrowhead formations, mushroom-like formations, loops of plastic or otherwise formed formations which may intermesh with the same or different formations of another strip to effect the fastening of the two strips together. In a particular form, hook or barb-shaped elements are formed along respective strips of metal or plastic by stamping or molding and the strips are hingedly joined together.

Fastening materials
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November 24, 1976
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October 2, 1979
Jerome H Lemelson
85 Rector St., Metuchen, 08840
A44B 13/00
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