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A mat, such as a bath mat, is made up of a plurality of units which are releasably joined to each other to form a continuous mat structure. Each of these units has a continuous peripheral flange provided with upper and lower edges and an open network of intersecting ribs surrounded by and integral with this flange while being situated at least in part between the upper and lower edges thereof, and in particular spaced upwardly from the lower edge of the peripheral flange. Each unit has a plurality of short feet integral with and distributed along while extending downwardly from the lower edge of the peripheral flange and a plurality of long feet integral with the open network of intersecting ribs and extending downwardly therefrom, all of these feet terminating in lower ends which are situated in a common plane parallel to the lower edge of the peripheral flange. This flange has at least one pair of elongated opposed connecting regions one of which carries a plurality of integral fastener projections each formed with a downwardly directed recess having a bottom open end and the other flange region is formed with a plurality of notches for respectively receiving the fastener projections of an adjoining unit with the flange portions which are situated at these notches having a cross section adapted to be received in the fastener projections.

Mat and units thereof
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August 16, 1977
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September 11, 1979
Esko Nissinen
Kaskenkatu 11 D 91, 20700 Turku 70
Steinberg and Blake
B32B 3/06
B32B 3/10
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