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A pneumatic transport system in which a transport tube is provided with an overhead rail in the form of an I-beam contained therein and a vehicle riding along the rail. The vehicle is formed by an elongated container suspended beneath the rail and displaceable therealong within the tube, with at least one vertical pivot mounted at an end of the container and a support mounted at an end of the container and a support mounted on the vertical pivot. A plurality of support rollers are mounted on the support and engage the lower flange of the rail while a plurality of guide rollers, also mounted on the support, flank the lower flange of the rail. Packing means provided at an end of the container enables the vehicle to be pneumatically displaced through the tube, the packing means being spaced from the wall of the tube and mounted on the vertical pivot for displacement in a horizontal plane by a pin provided on the support and engaged by a fork provided on the packing means.

Pneumatically propelled railway car transportation system
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June 30, 1977
Publication Date
September 4, 1979
Stefan Ardeleanu
Karl F Ross
Institutul National Pentru Creatie Stiintifica si tehnica INCREST
B61F 13/00
B61B 15/00
B61B 13/10
B61B 3/00
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