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An energy system that is responsive to and converts radiant energy into direct current electricity at a pair of output connectors which are maintained at a potential difference. The hydrogen and oxygen-generating electrodes of an electrolysis cell are coupled to such terminals so that hydrogen and oxygen may be produced, with at least the former being stored under pressure. Valve or regulator means is supplied the hydrogen storage system such that, preferably, a constant volumetric output over a given time span is maintained for producing a useful result such as a continuous source of electrical energy. The valve means is regulated so that the gas pressure within the storage system is always maintained above a predetermined threshhold. Useful results are produced in the form of mechanical power, electrical power, the synthesizing of ammonia, and other important products and results. Where a hydrogen engine is employed in the system, then the vapor output is preferably fed back to the electrolysis cells of the system so that the water needed in the cell is continuously replenished. The system is designed such that the radiant energy, though intermittent or irregular, will generate a regulated source of essentially uniform electrical or mechanical energy or other useful, continuous product or result, as desired.

Hydrogen supply and utility systems and components thereof
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March 13, 1978
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July 17, 1979
Marlin R Shaffer Jr
1957 Hubbard Ave., Salt Lake City, 84108
F03G 7/02
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